Glossary of Terms

This Glossary provides a definition of terms commonly used:

BAL: Balance
IMB: Imbalance
ONH: Overnight High
ONL: Overnight Low
OTD: Open Test Drive
ORR: Open Rejection Reverse
IBH: Initial Balance High
IBL: Initial Balance Low

HVN: High Volume Node
LVN: Low Volume Node
VAH: Value Area High
POC: Point of Control
VAL: Value Area Low
HOD: High of the Day
LOD: Low of the Day
EOD: End of the Day
HOY: High of Yesterday
LOY: Low of Yesterday
ATH: All Time High
MID: Midpoint

BSP: Buy Sell Pressure
BSV: Buy Sell Volume
PBT: Pending Balance Target
RBT: Regular Balance Target
GBT: Globex Balance Target
RTH: Regular Trading Hours
ETH: Electronic Trading Hours
HFT: High Frecuency Trading
VAR: Value Area Rule
10H: Ten Handle Rule
OTF: One Tick Failure
HWB: Half Way Back

ATD: After Trend Day
BTV: Back To Value
DTF: Day Time Frame
HTF: Higher Time Frame
ROT: Harmonic Rotation
RIP: Reaction in Price
FIB: Fibonacci Ratio
SOH: Sit On Hands
SOC: Scene of Crime
LIS: Line in the Sand
BOF: Breakout Failure

CHVN: Composite High Volume Node
CLVN: Composite Low Volume Node
GLVN: Globex Low Volume Node
GHVN: Globex High Volume Node
DHVN: Daily High Volume Node
DLVN: Daily Low Volume Node
YVAH: Yesterday Value Area High
YVAL: Yesterday Value Area Low
DVAH: Today Value Area High
DVAL: Today VAlue Area Low
VPOC: Virgin Point of Control