Trading Value

As day traders we always are looking for the divergences between price and value, so our first goal every day is to find value.

All markets must move to survive. Futures markets are not different than any other market. Consider a simple real estate market as an example. Auction up and down to find sellers and buyers.

Price+Time=High Volume=Value, trading at trade locations relative to value, not price. I define market value using Auction Theory. Even if you do not use it, you should because many CME traders use it.

Understanding the concept of Acceptance and Rejection is essential to apply Auction Theory and Volume Profile techniques. I look to trade from Rejection (LVNs) into Acceptance (HVNs) then back towards Rejection. This is the natural rhythm of the market.

Rule#1: Buy below and Sell above Value (HVNs) until the perception of Value (Breaking LVNs) has changed. Rule#2: Never forget Rule#1.

On a balanced day I fade the extremes. On a bullish/bearish trend day I look for pullbacks over LVNs below/above value.

On balanced range days we define easily where's value, on imbalanced trend days value shifts quickly with every new HVN. At LVNs (Low Volume Nodes) we will find wholesale price for entries and at the HVNs (High Volume Nodes) we will find retail prices.

The LVNs (Low Volume Nodes) are the logical spots for entries and the HVNs (High Volume Nodes) the logical spots for targets. That's make sense, only a few people would like to buy something at the most accepted prices. We always look for some advantages.