Trading Exercises

If you were to join a Proprietary Trading firm starter program you might be surprised to find out that you they won’t teach you ‘the’ strategy they use for making money. They will instead teach you some foundations of trading – mainly money management, organization and an overview of various trading methods such as interpreting the DOM, Spread Trading and maybe some Technical Analysis. If you are lucky you will also receive some insights from experienced traders on the market structure, how value is determined and some basic order flow analysis. The majority of trader development is achieved through trading exercises and review through which traders start to find their own particular edge in trading the markets. Trading exercises are the key to understanding market behaviour and uncovering your weaknesses and exposing your strengths. For those familiar with the trading classic book by the late Mark Douglas – ‘Trading in the Zone’, this fascinating look into trading psychology has one simple conclusion to resolve most trading issues, and that is, successfully complete a trading exercise.